Friday, February 5, 2016

Rock Climbing Bears, Baby Bear is Impressive!

To motivate some amateur climbers, I posted this video I found in Youtube.
The Mexican Black Bears were climbing the wall in Santa Elena Canyon and it was very stimulating to see. At first glance they look like humans hiking but also you will be astounded they can also do a little bit of vertical climbing which perhaps a different technique.
The way they attempt is difficult to replicate. As you imagine they are not wearing any safety equipments which makes it more very intense to watch.
From now on I will be watching more on how the bears climb in order for me to get more skills.
Bear really rocks.

Homeless Boy Steals The Talent Show

A Korean boy name Choi Sung-Bong was abandoned at an orphanage at the youngest age of three and he lived almost of his life homeless. One day he joined the Koreas Got Talent show which was his first public appearance and end up second in the competition.                                                    

The boy lived in a very tough life, he faced all the difficulties and seen a very violent atmosphere and even in the orphanage he suffered too much mistreatment and for that reason he landed in different places such as bars, restaurants and disco houses where he learned the art of music, over ten years of gruesome environment, he didn’t stop and kept fighting and never let his pride down.

He joined in Koreas Got Talent but the judges and public were so amazed about his extraordinary talent and his life story.

This is another motivating story of a courageous person who will not be stopped of any tragedies and complications in life. Please watch the entire video.

Watch This 8-Year-Old Sister Save Her Baby Brother From Kidnapping

I believe in real life Super Hero.
Another incident of abduction was caught in CCTV this time in Washington, Sprague.
In this video you will see the actual footage of a young baby grabbed by someone, as the kidnapper run, someone was also chasing him and you won’t believe it, it was her big brother and sister. They came to the rescue.
I believe these children also know how to protect themselves by screaming, kicking, yelling and to fight even the abductors are threatens to hurt them. As they chased the kidnapper some bystanders heard the kids screaming and they rushed to the scene. Because of several people chasing him, he left the baby on the ground unharmed.
Sometimes we teach our children to fear all strangers but the actual truth about this is that, it has been the common method to the problem over the years, It won’t work for many reasons. Children who have been educated this are too afraid to enquire anyone for help if they become lost or find themselves being followed. This leaves them susceptible to real danger.

Educating children to mistrust all strangers also gives them a very negative impression of humanity and makes them feel powerless. Children need to learn the difference between predators and strangers. A stranger could just save your child's life one day. I am so impressed by the way they responded in real danger and I salute you for that.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Aerosmith Steven Tyler sang with the street musician Moscow

What a strange feeling when you duet with the famous Hard Rock Star. He must be a lucky guy. The street performer was in the right time and place. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and the busker sing together "Don't Want to Miss a Thing". He was in Moscow with the band to perform for the Russian city’s 868th birthday. 
This is once in a lifetime involvement for the busker, it is like winning the lottery. The whole excitement is real epic. The Don’t wanna miss a thing song is a power ballad for the 1998 film Armageddon. The song stayed number one for four weeks world wide. This is lovely.

Her Dad Died Just Before Her Wedding But What Her Brother Did Left The Whole Room In Tears

Imagine the difficulties of losing your father to cancer only months before your big day. 

Think of the pain and sadness that would be mingled with joy on that day when the bride doesn’t have her father to walk her down the aisle and give her away.

The brother did was so unbelievable. Her dad I am sure would be happy on her big day but unfortunately this tragedy happens. I am so very sorry for their loss and pain. We are sending wishes for their comfort and peace. 

Her Dad Died Just Before Her Wedding But What Her Brother Did Left The Whole Room In Tears and so do I.

What a lovely voice of her brother.

Amazing jam session - Three random guys sing together

This is an impressive show after the three random men joined together for an spontaneous jam session outside the store in Texas. The video shows the power of music. A named Jaime Maldonado spotted a busker acoustic singer Jesse Rya and what happens next is extraordinarily wonderful. 

In the middle of the song two other men joined and it becomes more splendid.

The video went viral all over the social networking sites. Because of this epic show Jimmy Kimmel invited the trio to perform live in his show for a very special performance, this is collaborated by well known singers and Jimmy himself.

Please share this amazing talents.

Hotel California - Cubanos Acapella

One of my favorite songs sang by The Eagles was brought to life by these six talented men, “Hotel California” in an impressive fashion. 

They made this song famous again by creating superb acapella song. They will surely blow you away. Generating their voices instead of using intruments is a mind blowing. To make things even more great, the other member of the band imitate a guitar solo, watch the man wearing the red shirt. He will surely make your Friday overwhelming by watching how he replicate the guitar.
They have a fantastic camaraderie.

Hotel California was released in 1997 with more than one million digital downloads in sales, Don Henley is the lead vocals for The Eagles.

Watch: Weird underwater creature has Angelina Jolie's lips

The red-lipped batfish or Galapagos batfish is a fish of unusual morphology found on the Galapagos Islands in depths of 30m or more. Wikipedia

Batfish are not good swimmers; they use their pectoral fins to "walk" on the ocean floor. When the batfish reaches adulthood, its dorsal fin becomes a single spine-like projection that lures prey.  The Red-Lipped Batfish has a structure on its head known as illicium. This structure is employed for attracting prey.


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