Sunday, February 11, 2018

ACTUAL Indian Cold Weather

12:53 PM

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Herein, I share some cold weather patterns I'd been studying since the last three years at Vatsalya Udayan ( ( (You may click these links to find out more about this wonderful organization) We've recorded down to -8 degrees here and a lot of frost and ice, when the same day it rises to 25 degrees celsius. Meanwhile in Jaipur, only 30 kms away, it rarely dips below 8-9 degrees. This difference is in fact not only due to the geographical features of Vatsalya Udayan, but also hugely impacted by the high level of pollution in the major cities of India, which disturb the normal weather patterns. It's another example of urban heat island effect, much more amplified. So: Let us please try to protect nature's balance. Use only as per your need, not your greed and think about where that energy which powers your home comes from :)

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