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Most MYSTERIOUS People Ever!

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7. The Man in the Iron Mask
As one of the most famous prisoners in history, the man in the iron mask was arrested in France in 1669 and held in a number of different prisons before his in November of 1703. One particularly cruel part of his punishment was that for those 34 years he was forced to cover his face with black velvet cloth, so no-one could ever lay eyes on him. This, of course, served to hide his identity- something that has been subject to speculation ever since. All that has been known was the supposed name of the man, Eustache Dauger.
The story has been the inspiration behind many books, shows, and movies- each of which have suggested different identities. Was he the son of Oliver Cromwell? Or even the son of Charles II? Perhaps he was even the twin brother of King Louis XIV, as the movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio suggested.
In truth, most of these ideas are a result of creative writers looking for a good story. In 2016 a more realistic notion was put forward- that the man in the iron mask was the valet to the treasurer for Cardinal Mazarin. This highly corrupt Cardinal who had ripped of many wealthy citizens from across Europe would have had many secrets, ones that his valet would have been privy to. It is thought that he revealed some information to the wrong people and, as a result, was punished in this extraordinary way to prevent anyone from recognizing him and trying to find out more. If his face was seen by anyone, he was told, then he would be immediately.
6. The Woman of the Seine
The next mysterious person is one that you may have even met yourself without realizing her tragic past.
The story starts back in the late 19th Century when the drowned body of a young woman was retrieved from the river Seine in Paris. As was custom at the time, her body was placed on display at the local morgue with the hope that someone would come forward to identify her. No-one did, and the pathologist who worked there had become so infatuated with her face that he asked a molder to make a cast of her.
Soon after this, masks that had been made from the mold went on sale in workshops across the city, and it became a regular fixture in the studies of artists and writers who imagined the lost story of this mysterious woman. There was a time when every fashionable drawing room in Europe would feature a copy of the mask on the wall because of its somber beauty. Despite this level of fame, it was the fact that she had passed from drowning that would make the “Inconnue’s” face one that would be seen around the world- as a medical aid.
In 1955, a man called Asmund Laerdal rescued his son from drowning by clearing his airways. He was a toymaker, but was approached to make a training device for the new technique of CPR that had been designed to help save lives. Because of his experience with his son he was keen to develop the project and got to work. The result was the first model of what we now know as Resusci Anne, the torso mannequin that people around the world use to practice the technique. Laerdal decided that the device needed a realistic appearance and, remembering the mask that he had grown up seeing on the wall of his grandparents house, used the mold of “Inconnue” to shape the face.

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