Monday, January 30, 2017

Langur monkeys grieve over fake monkey

The BBC's new "Spy in the Wild" documentary series is based on introducing animatronic creatures equipped with spy cameras into animal communities to explore animal behavior and emotions up close. A preview for the first episode shows how the idea went from fascinating to heart-wrenching in mere moments among a group of Langur monkeys in India.

The spy camera is hidden in the eye of a very realistic-looking baby Langur. Even its face moves. The other monkeys seem to accept it as a member of the group, but one monkey gets a little too curious and ends up accidentally dropping the "baby." It lays motionless on the ground and the group goes into full-on grieving mode for what they think is a dead young one.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

With Vapor, This 11-Year-Old Treats Illnesses

The Ashaninka people of Peru use vapor from boiled herbs in their healing rituals. This ceremony is performed by Mircyla Prado Pintallo; at 11 years old she’s learning the art of the vaporadora. Once the patient inhales the vapor, Mircyla will read the leaves to determine whether the healing has succeeded and possibly prescribe other herbs to help the patient regain good health.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Minnesota "Ice Woman" Jean Hilliard Survives Being Frozen Alive

Jean HIlliard, 19 years old, was driving home in the midnight hours on December 20th 1980, in rural Minnesota, when her car skidded off the road. Shaken and alone she was unable to restart the car. With little choice she began to walk to a friends house, Wally Nelson, who lived about 2 miles away. She nearly made it. 15 feet from his door she collapsed from hypothermia. Over the course of 6 hours her body became completely frozen solid in -22 degree temperatures.

Wally found her that morning lying in the snow at 7am. He had to load her diagonally into his car and drove her to Fosston Hospital. Nurse Dorothy Killian was shocked, saying: “... her face was absolutely white, just this ashen, death look.” They hooked her up to the monitor, getting barely a heartbeat. Severely frostbitten her blackened legs wouldn’t move or bend, and a hypodermic needle couldn’t penetrate her skin. Doctors assessed that even if she could survive she would likely have brain damage and her legs amputated. Dr. George Sather said she was “... just like a piece of meat out of a deep freeze.” They wrapped her in an electric blanket, and she slowly began to thaw.

After two hours her body went into violent convulsions. There was hope, but brain damage was still a possibility... Then Jean regained consciousness and saw her family standing around her.

49 days later doctors were unable to explain how Jean Hilliard walked out of the hospital having made a complete recovery with no permanent damage.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hawaii in 4K - Inspirational Speech - Make Your Life Extraordinary!

This speech will change your life!
Hawaii captured like never before, in glorious 4K :)

Film by Devin Graham.
Color Correction by Tyson Henderson
Shot and Edited by Devin.

Many thanks for watching!

First Mammal Extinction by Climate Change

The Bramble Cay melomys, also called the mosaic-tailed rat, is likely the first mammal to go extinct because of human-induced climate change.

Credit to National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

The Most Powerful Plant on Earth? The Hemp Conspiracy

Given the prolific uses for cannabis hemp, it may seem obvious that modern agriculture once more utilise such a versatile plant. However, we now use other means and other plants to satisfy our cultural needs. Take paper for instance. As stated, hemp can be used to make paper - stronger paper in fact due to the sheer tensile strength and durability of hemp fibre. Yet paper is now made mainly through deforestation and the pulping of trees. And here we arrive ay yet another salient fact best learned and disseminated forthwith. This documented fact is that a single acre of hemp can yield as much pulp-for-paper as 4 acres of trees. Amazing.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Endangered Shark Gives Rare "Virgin Birth"

A captive female zebra shark in Australia didn't let the lack of a male shark stop her from having pups. Three years after being separated from her mate, Leonie laid eggs that hatched juvenile sharks. The asexual reproduction is the first observed in a shark that had previously mated. While scientists pondered at first whether Leonie may have stored sperm from her mate for all those years, testing of the pups revealed that to be unlikely due to their lack of genetic diversity.

Investigating the Mysterious Whale Sharks of Mafia Island

The whale sharks of Mafia Island are attracting scientific interest because of their unusual behavior: Unlike other whale sharks, which migrate, these whale sharks stay near the island all year long. Why is the ocean's largest fish hanging around this island off the coast of Tanzania? Researchers from the Marine Megafauna Foundation are investigating this mystery, as well as learning more about the endangered whale shark, since knowledge on them is very limited.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Beautiful Destinations: Los Cabos, Mexico

Where are you kicking off 2017? It's a snowy day in our hometown of New York City, which has us dreaming of Cabo San Lucas and its beautiful beaches, infinity pools and warm weather. From cerulean blue waters to white sand beaches and rocky, desert terrain, Cabo is truly paradise.

Video by: Beautiful Destinations' Sam Kolder
Partnership with Hilton Hotels

Epiphany marked with head spinning baptisms in Georgia

An Orthodox Archbishop has caused controversy with his violent baptism methods.

The Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II, has been filmed roughly dunking tiny babies into a baptismal font, both legs-first and headfirst, in yesterday's celebration of the Epiphany.

Holding the infants firmly between his hands, the 84-year-old Russian forcibly spins the children round, splashing them into the water at a high speed.

Needless to say, all the little ones have panic written all over their face as they are plunged under the water, and burst into tears afterwards.
According to Euronews, the patriarch blessed 780 children in the ceremony in Tbilisi using this rather violent method.

Ilia II conducts mass baptism ceremonies four times a year as a solution to address Georgia's declining birth rate.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Amazing Laswitan in Cortes, Surigao del Sur Philippines

The Laswitan Falls and Lagoon is actually a unique 20-foot rock formation located near the shore in Cortes. This geological feature creates three natural basins so that when the surf becomes high, the huge waves would flow and spill into the main basin on the other side, thus creating a waterfall effect.

The lagoon below the rock formation is so huge in that it can fit up to 200 people – maybe even more! Tourists visiting the place can dip in these pools and get themselves splashed by the sea water coming from the other side. The lagoon has a deep part which swimmers can enjoy but there is also a shallow area that other people can dip in.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

King Cobras Are Cannibals

With the ability to grow up to 18 feet long, the venomous king cobra can raise a third of its body and look a human in the eye. While that might sound impressive, what really makes these snakes king is their diet: other snakes.

The king cobra, with its size, speed, and neurotoxic venom, is a force to be reckoned with. Join National Geographic Explorer Sandesh Kadur as he explains the preferred meal of “the snake that is a nightmare to other snakes.” And if you happen to have a fear of snakes, take time to say thanks to the king cobra—it’ll eat those snakes for dinner. Thanks for watching.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


These are the top 10 places to see in the Philippines. The Philippines is a must visit if you are traveling around Southeast Asia.

Video Credit: Lost Leblanc.

If you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to exploring the

Philippines, you might want to visit the top 10 “up and coming” tourist destinations.

The Philippines (Filipino: Pilipinas) is an archipelago in South-East Asia of more than seven thousand islands located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea at the very eastern edge of Asia.

Many wonderful beaches are just part of one of the world's longest coastlines and it takes about 20 years to spend a day on every island. Since Spanish colonial times, the country has been Asia's largest Catholic country. Over a hundred ethnic groups, a mixture of foreign influences and a fusion of culture and arts have enhanced the uniqueness of the Filipino identity and the wonder that is the Philippines.

24 week premature baby - Toby's journey

Toby, born 24 weeks 4 days gestation on 21 Jun 07 (4 months early) at RPA Hospital in Sydney, Australia weighing 667 g (1 lb 8 oz). Due to preeclampsia, an hour's notice was given of delivery for mothers safety. Prognosis for a 24 week old is about 50:50 livability & avoiding major medical issues. He required immediate ventilation. He did OK during the first couple of days, but got an infection, putting him back for weeks (weight min 555 g). He had issues with his ductus, but this closed at the prior to require surgery. He was on ventilation for 17 days, and CPAP for 55 days. He was in NICU for 77 days, and 121 days in total. We received support from staff, parents, friends and family. Post-hospital; obstructive sleep apenia, enlarged tonsils, lactose intolerance, and mild celerabal palsey requiring hospitalisation and specialist care. Development delays resulted. He is a fun-loving, caring boy. Our thoughts remain with those not so lucky.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baby Elephants Who Want To Be Lap Dogs

Babies they may be, but at birth elephants can weigh a whopping 200 pounds.
The special thing about animals is that they’re not aware of their size, whether they’re teensy or massive. Surely you’ve seen a little nugget of a Chihuahua bark fervently at a Great Dane?
Yes, well, baby elephants are kind of the inverse of that. Just because their legs alone are the size of a human torso, doesn’t mean they don’t want to nuzzle up to your face or curl up comfortably (maybe?) in your lap. The docile little guys in the video above are proof.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mom Of Boy Who Saved Twin Brother From Falling Dresser Calls Him A Hero

The mother of the two-year-old who saved his twin brother from being crushed by a dresser is now speaking out. Bowdy Shoff is being hailed a superboy for pushing the heavy dresser that had fallen on his twin brother, Brock.
In the surveillance video, the twins were climbing on the Ikea dresser at their Utah home when it tipped over Sunday. The dresser just missed Bowdy but Brock was pinned underneath and their mom didn't hear his cries because it was early morning and she was still sleeping.

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