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According to Christian Leblanc, The Philippines is his FAVOURITE COUNTRY that he have ever travelled. He recommended that you must simply put the Philippines on your bucket list. “The most beautiful landscapes and the most incredible people”. Check his youtube vlogs and find amazing places he visited.

Backpacking Philippines 2016

According to Wikipedia Coron is a first class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines, comprising the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets stretching as far as Tara Island in the north-east and Canipo Island in the south. All these islands are part of the Calamian Archipelago in Northern Palawan that separates the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea. According to the 2010 census, it had a population of 42,941 people. Thanks for sharing and watching.

Aerial View of El Nido to Bohol

El Nido is a Philippine municipality on Palawan island. It’s known for its white-sand beaches, coral reefs and as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago, a group of islands with steep karst cliffs. Miniloc Island is famed for the clear waters of its Small and Big lagoons. Nearby Shimizu Island has fish-filled waters.

The area has many dive sites, including Dilumacad Island’s long tunnel leading to an underwater cavern. Thanks for sharing and watching.

Bohol is a little island paradise in the southern Philippines. The most noteworthy among the tourist attractions in Bohol is Chocolate Hills. However, there are more grounds why one should visit Bohol. The many activities and places to see is enough to make visitors see the place as a shelter for a lot of nature's beauty.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Foreigners Explore Cebu, Philippines

These four chaps decided to take a trip down to southern Cebu, checking out the white sand beaches of Moalboal before arriving at their final destination, the refreshing Kawasan falls. Check this out as they explore this spectacular part of the Philippines. Thanks for watching and sharing.

Cagsawa Ruins with Mayon Volcano in the background

 For almost two centuries the Cagsawa Ruins has stood as a representation of Bicol region’s remarkable landscape, rich history and the people’s power and resiliency to face and to rise from the ravages of Mother Nature.

Cagsawa Ruins Park is a few minutes jeepney ride from Legazpi City. Legazpi City is one of the most important cities of Bicol. By air, it is 55 minutes away from Manila. About 9 hours travel time by air-conditioned buses that ply the route daily.

Cagsawa Ruins Park is one of the most visited places in the area. From this point tourists are afforded with an unhampered view of the majestic Mayon Volcano with its world renowned perfect cone.

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Nothing can beat a unplanned road trip while cruising down the highway with the sun kissing your car windows. Imagine yourself with your family or friends, listening to your favourite travel soundtrack while sharing interesting life stories and visiting your favourite stopover locations. See the road trips of these lads in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing and watching.

LAKAWON Island is the New IBIZA In The Philippines

Lakawon is 48 kilometres (30 mi) north of Bacolod City. The provincial capital. The islet is reachable from the coast of Barangay Cadiz Viejo via a 20-minute boat ride. Lakawon's white sand beach is claimed to rival that of Boracay, a popular island resort off the coast of Aklan and Panay. In stark difference to its more famous counterpart, however, Lakawon has a smaller influx of tourists, and the island is not commercially developed.

The island is more akin to a sandbar. The white sand beaches are largely on the part of the island facing the island of Negros. The opposite portion, facing the open sea, is more rugged. There is a small fishing village on one side of the island. The inhabitants there earn their living from harvesting the sea's bounty.

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Stunning San Diego - DRONE VIDEO

San Diego is the perfect destination for active travellers and explorers who want to hike, bike, surf, kayak, or simply meet new friends and share experiences. San Diego is a network of neighbourhoods, and laid-back.

San Diego, the eighth largest city in the country, is often referred to as “America’s Finest City” and for good reason! Known for its great hotels and accommodations, beautiful weather, pristine beaches, friendly people and a excessiveness of entertainment, San Diego is a favourite travel destination for visitors across the globe.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Palawan Philippines Aerial Footage

"It’s no wonder Palawan ranked as the most beautiful island in the world this year, as the clear aquamarine water, limestone cliffs, and lagoons of the island province of the Philippines are only the most basic highlights," says contributing editor Cynthia Drescher.

Incredible (and rare) wildlife can be found on the islands, from Philippines mouse deer to smallest crab in the world to Philippine pangolin and beautiful butterflies.

Palawan has some of the best spots to scuba dive in the world — barracuda-filled shipwrecks, for example, line the bottom of Coron Bay. Thanks for sharing and watching.

Summer In Lofoten, Norway is Great

The Lofoten islands are cloaked across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle. This extraordinary wilderness outpost offers an untrammelled landscape of superior mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches. Another awesome place to visit this summer. Thanks for sharing and watching.

The Lofoten Archipelago is the Most Beautiful Part of Norway

The impressive sceneries of Fjord Norway were created by a sequence of ice ages and hasn’t changed much since. Here, the seals and eagles reign, and the whales and fish patrol the deep fjords. This is very inspiring place to visit and enjoy, check this out and thanks for sharing.

Explore the Beauty of Norway

The beauty of Norway will take your breath away. You will see some of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders, coupled with captivating Nordic culture. Highlights include the Geiranger Fjord and the Flam Railway. Thanks for sharing.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Philippines Side

The Philippines,a tropical country with fascinating landscapes, active volcanoes, splendid beaches, coral waters, tropical forests and very beautiful people. Visit and explore the impressive beauty of the Philippines can offer. Thanks for watching and sharing. Credit to the owner of this fantastic footage of The Philippines side.


If you want to experience a place where you get to enjoy nature at its best this is the place to visit. There is still no electricity in the island which explains why there are no settlers therein. It is kept and operated by the local government of Palompon. Thaks for watching and credit to the owner of this awesome video.

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Stunning Malapascua, Philippines

Another awesome vlog by Christian in Malapascua, Philippines.

Diving with Thresher sharks in the morning, getting unbelievable shots of the island with his drone and partying with the locals in a basketball court discotheque.

Malapascua became famous fairly recently, only in the early 1990s as a dive destination. Prior to this, the island was known for its wide white sand beach, known as Bounty Beach; it has also become known for its beautiful coral gardens, coral walls and excellent local dive spots, as well as further-out sites including Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal. Monad Shoal is an underwater plateau where thresher sharks and manta rays can regularly be sighted.

Most of the islanders derive their livelihood from tourism, while some still rely on fishing and farming.

Thanks to Exotic Island Dive and Beach Resort for hosting their team! Please like and share.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cebu, Bohol & Panglao

Another gem of the Visayas, Bohol is a tropical haven of natural appearance. The coastline of the island is skimmed by gentle coves and white sand beaches. Bohol is not as internationally famous as far-away Boracay off the island of Panay, but is well-known locally as a paradise for divers and snorkellers.

Dolphin watching and whale watching tours are popular with both residents and visiting tourists. The best season is from March to June, but dolphins can be seen year-round.

In addition to white sand beaches and dive spots, Bohol is famous among other sights, for its Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier – arguably the world’s smallest primate, heritage sites and old stone churches.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Philippines the last paradise

Philippines is the last paradise in the world. Th Philippines is consider as the last unexplored paradise.

It consists of about 7,641 islands that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The capital city of the Philippines is Manila. Over half of Philippines surface is still covered by ancient forests. Thanks for watching and sharing.

Aerial Journey Around El Nido, Philippines

Experience the calm lagoons and pristine beaches in El Nido Palawan. This remote province of the Philippines is located in the southwest of the country, between the South China and Sulu Seas. Its 1,200 miles of coastline is punctuated with rocky coves, deserted islets, and white-sand beaches.

We offer you to see an aerial journey around this special place and enjoy the stunning view of the best beaches in the world.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Philippines can give every beach lover everything they could ever dream of!

The Philippines is a much less travelled to destination than some of the other countries in Southeast Asia. With over 7000 islands, ancient emerald rice terraces, smouldering volcanoes, a plethora of pristine white-sand beaches, great surf and smiling, happy-go-lucky people, traveling through the Philippines is an experience you’re sure to remember fondly for the rest of your days!
It's More Fun in The Philippines.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nacpan, Palawan Philippines, The World's most Awesome Beach!

WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH! Nacpan Beach in Palawan, Philippines.
Thanks to Christian Travel Vlog for creating and sharing this such wonderful video. 
There are more FUN in the Philippines.

El Nido Philippines Unoccupied Island - the genuine "Beach"

See the journey of this lovely Lad in the Philippines. Escaping the reality and living in an uninhabited, unknown and unexpected location with nothing but a knife, fishing net and hammock he spent a long time dreaming about.
He cannot explain or described the unique experience he felt.

He set out to the Philippines in pursuit of untouched paradise with his colleague Martin, who forever dreamed of escapism and true flawless nature of the untouched kind. They travelled to Palawan and arrived in a quaint southern village named El Nido. Check this out and see how they love the place. Thanks for watching. Many thanks to BREAK FREE!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Police Scotland Running Man Challenge

See how the Scottish Police have accepted the Running Man Challenge from NYPD This is really amazing to witness. Thanks for watching.

Cliff Jumping in Italy, this is cool!

They took regular Aussie guy, Matt, who’s ambition was to dive into the Mediterranean, and amped this up to extreme levels with Team Supertramp. Not only did Contiki make this dream come true for Matt, they hooked him up with the opportunity to watch a bunch of professional athletes show him how it’s really done, on some massive cliffs in Italy’s Amalfi Coast.
Contiki creates the world’s best travel stories, all over the world.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Road Trip Philippines 2016

This is life Philippines 2016.
Manille Batad El Nido Cebu Bohol Panglao Dumaguete Iloilo Boracay San José Puerto Galera It is an archipelago invested with biodiversity dissimilar to some other and with numerous extends of shorelines that you can't discover somewhere else.  

10 Best Places to Spend your Vacation in the Philippines

The Philippines is genuinely one nation favored with such a large number of excursion hot spots. It is an archipelago invested with biodiversity dissimilar to some other and with numerous extends of shorelines that you can't discover somewhere else.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao, Philippines. A tiny island in the Southern Philippines, known to the world as Asia's ultimate surfing destination. But this story isn't about surfing. This story is about what lies beyond it. Thanks for watching and sharing.


No, it's not the Maldives, but it's the next best thing. According to Manjuyod Sandbar, the Philippines is heaven on earth. Easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is about a 2 hour drive from Dumaguete and a 30 minute boat ride from the pier. Thanks for watching and sharing.

The Horse is Liberated

When Marek Słodkowski discovered that his horse Freedom accidentally fell into a maintenence pit in his barn in Poland he called local firefighters to help him bring her to safety.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

World's largest rope swing, Check this out!

This is the largest rope swing which was filmed in in Moab Utah. 
This was filmed on...
A Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 7D
Canon 60D
IPhone 4S (for one of the shots)
GoPro HD 1 cameras
Epic Red One camera (for a couple shots). Thanks for watching and sharing.

World's Largest Urban Zipline

Special thanks to the athletes Marshall Miller and his crew and all the supporting crew that participated.

Filmed using the RED Dragon in 6K resolution, Phantom Miro at 1080p and Gopro Hero 3+'s, all scaled to 4K, with Glidecam HD 4000 for the stabilizing shots.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Abandoned Mine Diving with Christian Redl

Join Christian Redl, multiple world record holder free diver, as he searches the depths of an old abandoned and flooded mine in Budapest. Thanks for sharing and waching.

WOW! Navy SEALS' Insane Parachute Jump into Football Stadium!

Associates of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team, the Leap Frogs, jump into Neyland Stadium to kick off the Orange vs. White UT Vols Spring Scrimmage football game as part of Knoxville Navy Week, April 16, 2016. This is so awesome to watch. Thanks for sharing and watching.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

How to Attract a Bird! - Battle of the Sexes in the Animal World

These birds have to use their creativity to gain the attraction of the females. See how they dot it, it is truly captivating, thanks for watching. Thanks to BBC.

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